Sunday, 31 October 2010

ACT Cricket want a Big Bash franchise - football wants nothing

So if ACT Cricket, the sports peak body in Canberra, can start to strategise to get a National Big Bash Franchise in coming years as they said they were in the weekends paper, why is Capital Football, our Peak Body so incompetent at getting any football for our young boys beyond the borders of our city?

Goulburn and Cooma are NSW Federation Members welcome in our league, it's time we had a plan.

When that World Cup is announced for Australia on Dec 2, if it is, will Canberra be celebrating the start of a strategy for football.

Or will it all just pass us by?

Just six World Cup games or so and nothing strategic for us to build on in the years running up to the Cup? Surely Capital Football has a plan to announce, but I fear we won't.

Tell me I'm wrong!

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