Sunday, 31 October 2010

Building Revenues in Canberra Football

Canberra Football has 20,000 registered players and still we lack belief in ourselves.

Canberra Nearpost campaign is up and running:

Every dollar from Football must stay in football.

This should be our underlying question before we make any future decisions, and if the dollar doesn't stay in the game then we need to set ourselves up so it does.

And here's a few ideas free to the Capital Football Board.

If we had a cafe at Hawker, not just some hole in the wall job, but a cafe where people could watch their kids, in warmth, run their internet/emails etc and drink real coffee, football could make some money, every year.

Most Canberra parents want coffee, and are just not happy to sit on a crap bench in a shady stand watching their darlings run around on a very nice pitch - every Tuesday and Thursday.

We then could sell, in time from inside the cafe which is now a shop, football products to guess what, a football market, who visit every week. Man United shirts, boots, Belnorth gear etc. Get it, heard of pester power, heard of common business sense.

Add on, of course, the e-shop on the website (no we still don't have one, and it's 2010 and we have thousands of people who want football gear), where all monies go in the same proportion to the clubs, that each club gets presently from Athletes Foot, Sportsman Warehouse and Rebel Sports; and if those organisations make a profit so must our football community.

Of course these monies must go in some proportion back to the clubs, Canberra United, Club Futsal and a Canberra pathway for boys, whatever form that may take - post 17.

Add in Futsal to the mix, is it possible we could have our own Futsal Centre again recouping much of the money North Canberra Futsal for example give to ACT Netball. Is it almost $100,000 we give to Netball each year?

As Vikings Futsal Australia say, every dollar from the sport must stay in the game. Only then can we grow the sport.

So when you see a member of Capital Football Board ask them what's the plan to grow the revenue and grow the game.

We need a plan - do we have one?


Anonymous said...

Love your passion Eamonn but it's not going to happen and it seems fro the outside that the CF Board and/or CF staff have no idea and no plan beyond Womens Football and Canberra United.
What about the questions - how much money in cash and in kind (staff time) does CF devote to Canberra United? ??? don't know but it would be interesting to know...
How much do they devote to getting a pathway for the boys? don't know but I suspect very little...
How does NSW do Project 22 (with its' pathways at little or no cost) for its elite players and we do nothing of the sort?

Eamonn said...

It has to happen sometime.

This year, next year, ten years time. It has to happen.

Capital Football devoting time to Canberra United in terms of cash and time is huge.

But let's not knock the one thing we have for our elite players, that and the self-funded Boomerangs who can play in the NSW Premier League - interesting.

Let's focus on achieving the boys pathway. But yes how much time is devoted to the boys pathway - how much over the previous five years?

Next to zero and nothing has been done well if it has been attempted.

Capital Football should not run teams and elite clubs, certainly not in boy land, but they should be supporting/resourcing those that can. ANU, Woden Valle, Canberra FC, Belconnen United etc.

But of course you have to have a growing resource model to do that.