Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Australia has done it.

If 150 medals in the Commonwealth Games isn't enough try this.

The Australian under 20s have won through to the Semi Final of the Asia Cup and as a result qualified for the World Cup in Columbia next year.

So now those clowns who thought Matthew Leckie or Tommy Oar should have played in that game against Paraguay on the weekend, put your red noses on.

This was tight, very tight, 4-2 after extra time against the UAE.

Would have been great for Aussie development if Leckie and Oar had played against Paraguay and we'd narrowly lost to the UAE wouldn't it.

This team is very exciting with so many potential FORWARDS who could develop. And the next generation of A-League players are here. And forwards to boot!

Matthew Leckie, Tommy Oar, Mustafa Armini, Matthew Flectcher, Kofi Danning etc etc.

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