Sunday, 10 October 2010

Australia: Never forget Pim Verbeek

Okay okay we beat Paraguay and we attacked like crazy with players coming from left and right, aerial dominance was superb and we could have a hatful of headers from Mile Jedinak, Tim Cahill and Josh Kennedy. Or so the Aussie media seemed to portray.

But we know Mile Jedinak was crap in that crucial position, (is his touch good enough for the Asian Cup South Korean battle) and Paraguay came to play a friendly and get some photos and maybe not let Australia win, but it wasn't the World Cup was it.

Over-joyed at all the A-League players, all the forwards on the field and no more Pim Verbeek. Yes everyone is happy...for now!

We even threw on the non-scoring Scott McDonald, and at one point I thought I heard Jesse Fink calling for Nicky Carle, or maybe I got confused with Mike Cockerill (please send no emails I'm just a wanker Mike) calling for the Two B's, Alex Brosque....actually that's just one B isn't it!

Anyway THANK GOD For Pim Verbeek.

He got us to the World Cup for the third time
He got us to the Asian Cup - just when he remembered we had to qualify.
He taught Arnie something - look at the Central Coast Mariners now.

I remember watching Australia thrash Qatar and Uzbekistan and others at home with yes two forwards, Kennedy and Cahill leading the way. We must have attacked to get 4 goals right?

I remember sitting up at 2am watching Pim's side never losing an away game in Asia World Cup Qualifiers - bar one flukey lob against Iraq - I don't like losing internationals and yer man Marco Bresciano popped up in the 92nd in Bahrain, but we were still not happy.

He had one really bad game, against Germany, just one.
Just quietly Germany scored 4 against England, Argentina to name a couple!

Oh okay the debacle against Kuwait in Canberra was another but if we'd won we'd have all been satisfied.

I remember watching Brett Emerton and Harry Cahill unleashed in Doha, Scott Chipperfields winner away in Tashkent, and victories over Japan, and others.

He "found" Carl Valeri, Brett Holman, Dario Vidosic, Rhys Williams and ahem Mile Jedinak and maybe Tommy Oar.

He also sent out teams to produce two fine attacking performances in South Africa and got 4 points. But of course Aussie fans now expect so much more.

I just wanted to say there were some good things about Pim before the history books are taken over by the Aussie media and continue to slag the guy off - but what do they know about football?

Nicky Carle for the World Cup squad anyone anyone?

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