Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fozzie 3 Mike and Robbie 0..and that's just half-time!

Robbie Slater said on Fox Sports last night prior to the Socceroos game that he "hated that column."

Did he mean the particular piece on Harry Kewell - he wrote in the Telly some weeks ago - or does he mean he actually hates writing the weekly piece which seems to be giving him some grief.

I'm happy to ghost it Robbie - could be awesome.

Anyway Craig Foster has said what we all think, at least all who agree with me!

Attacks on Harry Kewell have moved beyond the bounds of acceptable and objective critique.

That the attacks on Harry Kewell, and although Fozzie doesn't name them, most of us would imagine he means Robbie and SMH's Mike Cockerill whose "pieces" over the last few months have been personal in nature and show little understanding of the life the guy has lead, nor the standing Harry has in the football community.

No we are not mugs, we do not think Harry is god, merely the guy has had a wonderful career played in two World Cups, and Asian Cup and many many more Socceroo games along the way - despite what some seem to suggest.

Mike C has continued to attack Kewell this year and while many of us think it Fozzie has come out and said it in his Sunday article.

Simply had to be said.

Raise the bar boys!

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