Sunday, 10 October 2010

A-League prominent in Socceroos squad - again and again

Is it just me or are most of the Australian Football Media a bit short up top.

So Holger, our Holger, picks six A-League players and suddenly the Aussie Coach is embracing the A-League and therefore the A-League is great blah blah blah.

But Michael Beauchamp, Jon Mckain, David Carney, Mile Jedinak, Tommy Oar, Dario Vidosic and of course last night, Jade North, Jason Culina, Matt McKay have all graced the A-League over the years. Some just have left to sit on a German or Blackpool bench.

But wait Jon Mckain plays a couple of games in Saudia Arabia, after leaving the Wellington Phoenix, and he's now an overseas player and of course David Carney hasn't played a game since he left Sydney FC but he's an overseas player. How are they not part of the A-League success story?

I the point they are trying to make but just because you go overseas doesn't somehow reduce the value of the A-League, after all Matthew Leckie, Ben Kantarovski, Brendan Hamill, and a heap of other future Socceroos are doing their stuff in the A-League right now - and are they only good when they sit on a bench in Europe and play for Australia?

I don't think so. Aussie media could do their bit to promote the A-League -rather than whingeing that home-based players must be picked over the same players who have since left who the media also wanted in the team; but now they want new A-League players.

Confused? Seems the media is!

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