Saturday, 9 October 2010

Can a charter fail? Canberra Boys part of FFA Charter?

No Canberra boy can play beyond the Under 15 National Championships at a decent level, once they leave ACTAS or fail to get into the AIS.

Sure training twice a week with the elite clubs in Canberra Premier League is an achievement for many but it's no real aim for anyone of our 20,000 players in the Capital region who want to aim higher post 16 is it?

So the FFA's charter with member federations came out yesterday....nice one.

And it clearly states who has the responsibility for providing pathways for our juniors to the elite level.

So given the FFA have blocked all moves by Canberra to have an A-League and Youth team, we have no teams in the NSW Premier League or Youth Leagues anymore because one of the FFA's member Federations NSW won't allow it - what is going to be done.

I await developments with baited breath. From the Charter

FFA has responsibility for the strategic direction, policy and governance of the playing, development and promotion of football in Australia.

Each Member Federation has responsibility within its region for the:
conduct, development, strategic direction and promotion of football; and
implementation of FFA strategies, policies, programs and regulations for the playing, development and promotion of football in Australia.

FFA and the Member Federations are committed to working together to develop and promote football within Australia and in each Member Federation’s region by:
building participation and sustained involvement in football at all ages and playing levels;
developing the skill levels of all players that participate in football;
providing development pathways and opportunities for talented and elite players and teams;
providing development pathways for Refs and Coaches
providing strategic leadership to support facility development and utilisation strategies;
increasing the community interest in football both as a participant activity and a mass sporting entertainment; and
implementing national programs to ensure the experience and opportunities for participants are the same regardless of location.

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