Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tyranny of Distance overcome in A-League.

My earlier post talked of my Glasgow Derby memories.

Last nights Melbourne Derby had some similar traits but also introduced us to something un-Australian. The Away fan in your stadium in big big numbers.

Two opposing baying sets of fans, and colours, tackles and bookings bigger than your normal game. A little more player venom verballed at the other team, send-offs, basic errors exposed (Derbies always seem to produce those moments)

Heroes and losers and of course in Melbourne a flare or two!

But the moment that sums up a Derby, to me, is always this.

That exact moment when a goal is scored and fans are left in ecstasy or fear. The moment the conceding fans realise their team has conceded and the roar from the one end of the stadium sits directly opposed to the silent wave down the other end.

Fans in delirium versus fans standing, silent.

Just for a moment.

Last night we had three moments, they are magical for any fan involved, any fan at the game.

And of course Aussies finally got to experience an away support cheering and yahooing in great numbers for a normal season game.

Melbourne Heart won 2-1 last night, Gerald Sibon, Josip Skoko and John Aloisi clearly having saved their legs against the Roar the other week had energy to burn!

As for Melbourne Victory, is Ricardinho a flop! Seems to be and they need Archie Thompson back quick. Never mind Sydney Melbourne Victory are starting to waiver as well.

The night belonged to Heart and football fans across the country. It was wonderful viewing.

Western Sydney anyone?

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Anonymous said...

It was a great game the only dissappointment were the empty seats - I thought it was supposed to be a sellout but there were only 25000 there ??? the game deserved at least the 30000 capacity. What happened?