Friday, 15 October 2010

Dad stuggles to find answers?

Breakfast at the Flanagans.

Check footy scores on the internet, roll out SMH read the football then relax.

Some need coffee others football.

Although after reading Mike Cockerill I often need something stronger but we won't go there.

11 year old girl reads article on Matildas.

Through the midst of the bedragled uncombed morning hair, tired from a week of school the child asks:

Dad, why do Men's Coaches get sacked all the time but Tom Sermanni is still the Coach of the Matildas?

Which reminded me of a previous question.

Having watched the A-League and Socceroos (she was 6 when at "that game ")she eagerly awaited the TV debut of the W-League.

After a couple of minutes she asked:

Dad why is there no-one at the game when the men get thousands of people?

Good questions, but why does she always ask Dad!

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