Thursday, 14 October 2010

FFA Cup: Not yet surely?

Just don't think we need it, not yet.

It could connect us to the grassroots clubs, but haven't much confidence the FFA would get it right.

Would the winners get a place in Asia? Otherwise what is the point.

Let's get the league sorted, crowds growing before we put hard earned dollars from a reducing revenue stream into another "we can't afford the flights can you pay FFA," national competition.

FFA couldnt or wouldn't support a Central Coast W-League team; where is the money suddenly to support an FFA Cup.

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Anonymous said...

Scrap the stupid 'Grand Final' and make the A-League a proper league competition. Bring in the FA Cup style comp for those that like to see finals. By involving local teams it will help grass roots support and draw people to the games. The spots in Asia go to the League Champion and the Cup winner.