Thursday, 7 October 2010

Melbourne Heart: Number One Plonker?

And Heart chief executive Scott Munn said the huge demand for the game - the first genuine derby in the new competition's six-season history - should send a clear message to Football Federation Australia that the season should start in October, two months later than it does.

''I don't think we need to play 30 weeks.''

Well if that's what people in football think then we are stuffed.

How much would this Sporting Administrator propose our Professional Footballers play for.....25 weeks?

And where would our professional players go...immediately.

It would really be a case of watching, never mind playing European football would be better than playing in the A-League.

Scott, you've got 30,000 coming through your gate tomorrow giving you an average 12,000 approx crowds with the rest of the season to come.

The challenge is not to move the start of the season the challenge is to lift the crowds in the early part of the season.

Not up to it? Move on...mate!

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Matt Greenlaw said...

Agreed, there's no need to change the season dates / amount of games. Until that day when there are enough teams to only play eachother twice.. Likely sometime in 2050. ;-)