Thursday, 7 October 2010

U17 Aussies Representation: Does it guarantee success?

While the current Young Socceroos (Under 20) are taking on the best in Asia, some of them are already making waves in the A-League and elsewhere.

But does success in junior football, international junior football guarantee success.

Here's the most successful Aussie male team ever. Our Under 17s reached a World Cup Final in New Zealand in 1999 and only lost to Brazil on penalties.

See who made it, and who didn't!

Interesting Brazilians Leonardo, Adriano,and USA's Landon Donovan also starred in the tournament.

KEDWELL-VAN STRATTEN Jess Goalkeeper Northern Spirit (Australia)
MILOSEVIC Matthew Goalkeeper SASI (Australia) 177cm 66kg
BYRNES Mark 17 Defender Parramatta Power (Australia)
CANSDELL-SHERRIFF Shane 16 Defender Leeds United (UK) 180cm 72kg
FYFE Iain 17 Defender SASI (Australia) 184cm 69kg
GOULDING Aaron 17 Defender SASI (Australia) 178cm 72kg
LOCKHART Shane 17 Defender NSWIS (Australia) 175cm 70kg
MADASCHI Adrian 17 Defender Atalanta Bergamo (Italy) 188cm 83kg
DOUMANIS Anthony Midfielder NSWIS (Australia) 164cm 58kg
GROVES Bradley 17 Midfielder Leeds United (UK) 176cm 71kg
JOHNSON James 17 Midfielder QAS (Australia) 167cm 67kg
NORTH Jade 17 Midfielder AIS/Brisbane Strikers 179cm 69kg
PANTELIS Lucas 17 1Midfielder AIS (Australia) 169cm 61kg
SRHOJ Wayne 17 Midfielder AIS/Brisbane Strikers 180cm 74kg
BRAIN Louis 17 Striker Adelaide Force (Australia) 165cm 65kg
DI IORIO Joseph 17 Striker Werder Bremen (Germany) 172cm 59kg
KENNEDY Joshua 17 Striker AIS/Carlton (Australia) 191cm 83kg
MacALLISTER Dylan Striker Sydney Olympic (Australia) 188cm 83kg

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Roy Ward said...

Very thought provoking! I had forgotten who played in that team...jard to believe they did so well considering where most of them are now!!!!