Sunday, 5 December 2010

Qatar - what next? Winter Olympics

Suppose Qatar, the saviours of the Third World, bringers of Peace to the Middle East, liberators of World drunkenness, will stop at nothing now.

Apparently they are hot favourites for:

The Commonwealth Games (I know they ain't in it) all EPL games to be played in Qatar from 2022, World Cup moved to January, AFL final moved to Qatar, State of Origin and Bledisloe Cup will be played between Qatar and Queensland, Qatar and New Zealand. Olympic games, yes all of them, only to be followed by the:

Qatari Winter Olympics.

"We can make snow, we'll transport it all to the Snowy Mountains or England and dump it there right after the games," said head of World Peace Mohammed Bin Greedy.

"All events will be held in blazing heat - but conditions will be normal for contestants," he smiled.

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