Sunday, 5 December 2010

Why Asia scares Australian fans

Have you seen Sydney FC recently?

Well the clowns pretending to be a sophisticated, move evolved football club down south are no better are they?

Australia's two most successful A-League sides domestically at least, will head into the prestigious Asian Champions League - a competition boosted by a Qatari side next year, leave it alone - heading for a disastrous campaign.

Melbourne Victory despite an enthralling comeback and second half display against Brisbane on Friday still look like they have learnt nothing from Asian football forays.

The former Champions who have played fast, ferocious football lead by Fred, Archie Thompson and Carlos Hernandez at various times are still relying on the quick transition, especially now Archie is back.

And it never works in Asia - as the Victory are always chasing the ball.

And as the Roar showed in the first half, a side that can control the ball - most ACL teams can, can easily walk their way past a ragged and ageing Melbourne.

Victory in Asia - no hope based on the current playing style.

And Sydney? They have no chance in any competition.

Who ever thought getting rid of your five best players and replacing them with five, not one of whom is equal to, never mind better than any of those that left, and thought the team could perform as Champions - "We want a Premier team in Australia's Premier City," doesn't seem like it to me.

The ACL in 2011 could be very embarrassing for Australian sides based on current team formations, coaching strategies and ball holding/fitness ability of the two sides who have qualified.

Think ball retention, player mobility, think Brisbane Roar.
Think Asia, tactical nous, cat and mouse, great defence, pace to break with, think Adelaide under Aurelio Vidmar.

Think Asia think successful tactical game - you never think Ernie Merrick do you?

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Anonymous said...

Antonis, Petratos, Danning and there are others that could step up ... are the future for SFC let's hope we see more of them over the rest of the season. How they let those other youngsters go to other clubs is beyond me...
Best thing for SFC might be to have their top 6 hopes extinguished so they can concentrate on rebuilding for the ACL.