Thursday, 6 January 2011

Aussie Football: Best display ever coming up.

While the Aussies played a 0-0 draw with UAE last night as they start their Asian Cup 2011 bid on the weekend it was announced by AFC President and Qatari Bin Hamman that Australia has won the rights to host the 2015 Asia Cup.

Aussie media are reporting we were the only bidder!

I'm telling you who cares.

This will be the best display of football, and the best football tournament we've had here with the possible exception of the 2000 Olympics.

And a great opportunity to further grow the game.

No matter what the crowds in the A-League are currently, the continued lack of media coverage on FTA, football is here to stay and the continued long-term raising of the profile through our acceptance into Asia means, finally, we're never going away and we'll always have new opportunities to push the game further and become more successful on and off the field.

Well done Ben Buckley.

NRL and AFL maybe the big boys in domestic sport but this announcement shows that those two codes will have a continued threat not just from each other but from the giant who has half an eye open.

It may take thirty years but football will become an increasingly popular sport in Australia. And the other two codes will have to spend more and more just to counter the ever increasing profile of football.

I'm not suggesting the other two codes will be diminished in anyway, more that football will get more coverage and more spectators.

A great boost for Aussie football.

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