Thursday, 6 January 2011

Huge boost for Aussie Football.....AFL couldn't stop progress this time!

Australia has been granted the rights to host the 2015 Asian Cup.

Another great benefit of being in Asia and gives us a glimmer of hope should we fail to qualify for 2014 World Cup. The game never stops now does it?

But can we deliver quality pitches....we can't consistently for the A-League. Let's hope we can for 2015 Asia Cup. Imagine seeing some of Asia's finest running out at Etihad Stadium! Probably after a concert or two! Yuk!

All games will be played in January and it will be great to see the fans from other Asian nations flocking to games. Could be the best Asian Cup ever with many teams increasing their competitiveness in four years time.

And great for football.

Rugby League, and AFL can only offer so much; their regular season and that's about it. Football the smaller code in terms of media and corporate coverage has a few things to boost it's profile other than the domestic league.

The Asian Cup is another of those.

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