Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Australia head to Asian Cup Final

Two young Aussies knocked on my door at 3.20am this morning. Two young footballers without Fox.

And myself and their Dad cheered long and loud when Harry Kewell scored after five minutes.

It was tense as the Uzbeks had 70% of possession but the space in attack for Australia was surprising but for this supporter who's seen Bahrain, Iraq, Korea and of course Germany and others limit our opportunities over the last six months. It was delightful that we were able to exploit it.

And exploit we did.

Our first final - I don't count Oceania - since the Confederations Cup Final way back in the 90's.

Realistically we may never get a World Cup Final in my lifetime, or yours, but an Asian final? Who would bet against us on home soil next time - at least getting to the final again.

Matt McKay showed alongside David Carney, Sasa Ognenovski, Robbie Kruse, and Mile Jedinak that Aussies are now being produced through the A-League - to the required standard - in droves.

Imagine a midfielder like Matt McKay who's running is Emerton-esque his touch more subtle than the big fella and to all those EPL Snobs Matt is so good he kept the Blackburn man, a wonderful player, on the bench.

Wonder what Pim would say?

Did Pim ever think over his term of using Harry and Tim Cahill upfront, as a partnership?

And isn't it great to see McKay, Robbie Kruse (a forward) Neil Kilkenny all coming into contention for the next four year campaign.

Encouraging signs for Australia - surely we can improve under Holger, surely over the next few years we'll have a few more stars competing for places, and surely the standard will slowly rise, in time.

But remember the previous games - not all in our favour - apart from the results! But Japan will be a different game won't it?

The young fellas left for Australia Day having seen history made on the field by the team who play the game they play.

Australia in the Asian Cup Final.

Australian football in Asia. We've never had it so good. Enjoy the final, should be a cracker.

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