Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Socceroos stand tall in Asia

Lucy, Paddy,and Nick are on the pitch and examine our narrow loss in the final of the Asian Cup and of course all the A-League news.

We are not in mourning at the Nearpost - Oh No! Lots of positives for Australian football in this Asian Cup campaign. But did Carney have to leave that Blue Samuria player alone in front of goal in the last gasp of exetra time??? The margins are very fine at this level. The Socceroos stand tall in Asia.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, when I tried to download the podcast from the download link, it was the January 11 podcast. The "play right from your computer" was okay.

The Ultra said...

Nice Podcast, well done.

Shame you guys couldn't pull it off against a good Japan squad. Aussie Soccer is definitely on the rise though!