Monday, 14 February 2011

Canberra Stars: Bush v Lustica. Ange v Miron.

Both young guys are from Canberra football - both have played many many times for the Australian under 17 and now Under 20 teams both had to travel thousands of miles to learn their trade at a very young age.

Bushie probably had the steal on Stephen Lustica in the early years - getting more game time in more Rep teams at a younger age, but Lustica made his mark loud enough, soon enough, running out time and time again for the U20s.

Both went on to play for "their" (Canberra doesn't have any football for young men) Youth teams, Lustica at the Gold Coast, Captain no less and Bushie, just a little further away, in Brisbane.

And while Lustica is a little older what part chance takes in development?

Miron rarely plays young Lustica bar Mirons-Mad decision to debut him against Victory away in centre-midfield. In front of 25,000 his team are thumped 4-0 what a shocking experience for a young player.

Ange brings Bushie on with 30 to go on Saturday, cruising at home to the Gold Coast - a taster for next season perhaps. In front of 20,000 a great experience a wonderful start.

Both played in Brisbane on Friday night.

Add with Canberra born Baresic, Topor-Stanley, Pilkington, Rogic, Casey, Milanovanic, and a few others in the wings and you'd have a youth team producing bigger and better players over and over.

Canberra keeps producing them. How many more would we produce after five years of A-League football in Canberra?

Must be hard for the other codes in Canberra to keep grabbing the talent pool - then again you need to do a lot of work in the gym I'm told for the other codes.


Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the Youth League round review and noticed that in Lustica (Gold Coast), Bush (Roar) and Munro (Mariners) there were 3 Canberra juniors who were captaining their respective youth teams. I wonder if the FFA is aware of this?

Anonymous said...

I dont think FFA care.
I dont think Capital Football care either as the boys are not females.
Unprecedented situation that will never be repeated or bettered by any state.

Lustica will get his third A league Youth championship medal this weekend. This will be his second as captain.

Munro has one championship with Sydney Youth.

Well done Capital Football for all the publicity for these boys and Tom Rogic. (NOT)