Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kiwi madness undoes Finals hope - Kosta out - Dylan in!!! More Coach madness.

So you aren't allowed to have a Youth team - because of FFA paranoia, finances, rules, whatever - and yet you play professional football against other clubs, ten of them, most who have a Youth team and after six years of football - we're seeing heaps and heaps of young players filling in as your stars get injured or are out of form.

Think Matthew Leckie, Iain Ramsay, and more many more.

Wellington Phoenix.

Got to feel for them. Gave a wonderful display last night against Adelaide, against all the odds but Ricky lost this one pre-season.

Who wants to live in New Zealand? Not even Troy Hearfield - he's off back to East Coast of Australia.

Overseas stars? Well if they are paid enough they'll go there instead of Tramere, Bournemouth or Leeds.

But most want to go to Sydney I guess.

But when Ricky and co do find a young jewel, they need to polish it, value it and keep it.

Brisbane’s Kosta Barbarouses - he's Kiwi - 5 times the player this year than he was last year when Ricky Herbert never played him.

And they let him go.

Now they have another young gun - the enlightened Kiwi fans unearthed him, not Ricky.

Then again Ricky likes three big buggers upfront - Dylan McAllister in Kosta Barbarouses out, out, out.

Why would you do that? A young Kiwi out and an failed old stager in?

Wellington trying to emulate Perth?

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john said...

Riki is an over rated club coach. NZ press covered the lack of NZ nationals in their local team. Crowds were disappointing despite World Cup boost.