Saturday, 19 February 2011

Adelaide business basket case? Ramsay over Slory, Aussie v Dutch, Youth v aggro.

Love Adelaide United, love Travis Dodd, and love that goal last night.

Flowing football at its best, Brazil, to Argentinean, to Dutch slotted by an AUSSIE!

While all the focus has been on Paul Reid I'm more intrigued by the Iain Ramsay debacle.

Why has Ricky Dicky Coolen given us Mr Slory. Dutch version of mates rates?

He had Iain Ramsay up left, Lucas Pantelis can do a job, and with Dodd and Matthew Leckie on the right why oh why did he bring in Slory.

Is he really any better than Ramsay. Not yet he isn't and they've only got one maybe two games to go.

Ramsay is Australian.

Ramsay has created goals, scored goals and can you would think only improve. And would benefit from further games.

Now he's never going to play again is he?

Young Aussie helped Adelaide into top four, but come final time they've signed Slory.

Slory looks up for the fight, make that any fight. He's not Aussie, he's not young and he's probably not cheap.

Aussie is young, has had some great games, he's Aussie so why would you sign a replacement?
That's exactly what is ruining most of our clubs.

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