Saturday, 19 February 2011

Canberra football: a chink of light appears? Will FFA let us in this time?

Are we big enough? In Canberra?

The headline suggests "Small players to get a shot at A-League's best"

Well they don't come any smaller than Canberra football in the eyes of Jim Forrest's FNSW or our beloved national body the Double FA.

So don't be surprised if Canberra is given the longest most arduous route possible to get a chance to play a NSW Premier League team, never mind an A-League team.

Come to think of it, stuff NSW, let's head to Victoria, Adelaide or even Tasmania and qualify through those possible pathways!

And why not use it as a future builder - play our best youth players and bugger the senior guys - bet we don't!

A self-imposed vision for the future:

7 under 21s on the park at anyone time and use it to build our player opportunities and player base.

We have two hopes.

Lyall Gorman is in the hot-seat, or one of them and he's a decent, football minded, community minded bloke.

And John O'Sullivan's departure at FFA Headquarters gives me massive hope that one day we might get something, even a crumb.

Small players to get a shot at A-League's best
Michael Lynch
February 17, 2011
FOOTBALL Federation Australia will launch its FFA Cup in March next year with the final to be played on Australia Day, 2013.

The tournament would be open to all clubs at every level of the football pyramid, FFA general manager Lyall Gorman said last night at a football fan forum meeting in Melbourne.

The A-League clubs are likely to enter the cup at the last-32 stage.

Smaller teams that have survived earlier knockout rounds will get the chance to mix it with the likes of A-League premier Brisbane Roar and the country's biggest club, Melbourne Victory.

Gorman said that the cup would ''be a major opportunity to turbo-charge the game at grass-roots levels and convert fans from being merely followers to supporters.''

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