Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ten mad Coach decisions A-League season 6.

1. Miron Bleiberg - Youth Development Encouragement Award. Not!
Taking Chris Harald, 18, off after 38 minutes and slagging him of on National TV.

Aside - notice how Taj Minnicon has floundered under Miron and his "when the whistle stops it's who evers in the white chairs first' team picking policy.

2. Miron signing import Peter Pertchold late in the season. Arnie gives M. Armini, 17, a fair go - Miron thinks the Captain of his Youth Team, Stephen Lustica Aussie U20, is worthy of how many games?

3. Ricky Herbert - Sick of Kiwi's and gets rid of Kosta Barbouroses for Dylan McAllister. Lost you the finals Ricky - nice one.

4. Iain Ferguson - Was he responsible for putting this years squad together? Getting rid of Tando to bring in Danny Vukovic - any real difference?

5. Iain Ferguson - rumoured to be bringing in Dean Heffernan. Give Youth a go! Although in Perth anyone under 30 is youth - go Deano.

6. Rini Coolen - Young Gun Iain Ramsay replaced by S. Slory - ageing Dutch nobody. Bet he gets his books online as well.

7. John Van Schip - three pensions and you're crap. John Aloisi, Gerry Sibon and Josip Skoko. Just two pensions too many. Which two, is up to you.

8. Vitaslev Lavicka - Hayden Foxe. Signed for what reason exactly? Because he was better than Matt Jurman, Seb Ryall or any other Aussie willing to play centre back or because Poppa was in his ear - maaaaattteeeeess.

9. Branko Culina - for letting Ljubo Milicevic out of his cage. Ljubo was running the show. No Ljubo, no Jets. Ljubo got Branko a 4 year deal, what oh what can Branko do now.....get Jason?

10. Vitaslev Lavicka - this one was announced half way through last season - get rid of two time champions Clint Bolton and bring in Reddy steady benched a lot - Liam Reddy. Didn't work did it?

Why is it the Nearpost knew the outcome of all these dumb and dumber decisions before the players took the part.

Do you really need your Coaching Badges to understand football and football players - i don't even have grassroots but I'd back myself on team selection, team recruitment and team development against some of these decisions.

And Fergie's trying to get in early next season already. Evan Berger and Dean Heffernan - two left-backs but with one thing in common!

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