Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ten A-League Coaching decisions I liked in Season 6.

1. Rini Coolen's steal of the year. Iain Ramsay is given game time and wins games creates goals. Nice one only ruined by the ending.

2. Ange Postecoglou - turns a team of good players into a passing, moving, dream machine.

3. Ange - so good I mentioned it twice.

4. Graham Arnold - for turning the Mckinna dour Kilmarnock inspired Mariners into the Magnificent Mariners - the West Ham of Aussie football.

5. Graham Arnold - for quickly learning from his dumb decision to attack the Roar in the 5-1 defeat game.

6. Vitaslev for turning Sydney FC into a slow boring rabble into something with shades of rebirth inspired by Nicky Carle, Dimitri Petratos and Bruno Cazarine.

7. Ernie Merrick for building a talent pool better, faster and more skilful than Melbourne has ever had. Exciting times ahead.

8. Ange P for teaching Aussies that just because the salary cap is equal doesn't mean the Coach can't effect and make a huge impact.

9. Ange for making us ask why are Perth, Gold Coast, and Sydney at times so crap from a fluent football point of view.

10. Graham Arnold for introducing, and harnessing M Armini, unleashing Josh Rose, finding Mr Perez and getting enough mobile skilful players so Matt Simons presence is okay - sort of! We love you Matt!

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