Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Football: Is not a team sport.

Coach of the 7-10 age group? - pass it, don't dribble - you hear it all the time. We're a great team, we've only lost 2 games.

Well Amen to the USA. Here's the go. It's all about the skill, the individual even up to 10.

USA: Player Development says:

CONSIDER THIS: At the younger ages (6 to about 10), soccer is not a team sport.

On the contrary, it is a time for children to develop their individual relationship with the ball. The fact that younger children are placed into team environments is not their fault.

Do not demand that the more confident players share the ball. Encourage them to be creative and go to goal. Do the same with the rest of your players.

Work to bring all your players up to that level of confidence
and comfort with the ball.
Coaches should avoid the impulse to “coach” their players from “play to play” in order to help them win the match.

Coaches should not be telling their young players to “pass rather than dribble,” to “hold their positions” or to “never” do something (like
pass or dribble in front of the goal).

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