Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Junior Development: I'm having a Berger of a day.

FFA Dutch revolution continues to get watered down - by the Dutch - or so it seems.

Rob Baan and now Han Berger introduced the plan for Australian kids to learn to play football in greater numbers, with a ball at their feet.

But slowly but surely we're moving back to the future.

U12s are playing for points across Australia. Awesome move Han!

U11s have already moved to 11-a-side. Have you seen the size of the pitches? Have you seen the size of the kids. Yes the other 50,000 not the 15 in the NSW or Victorian squads at 11! Awesome for development Han!

And now the U13 National Competition, down for April, has removed the Technical Points from the "competition." So we'll have a real competition. League tables and points to die for but nothing to focus on the Technical side of the game.

This competition should be about educating the nutters, the parents, on the sideline as much as the Coach and Federations. Missed opportunity?

I'm having a Berger of a day, how about you Han!


Anonymous said...

Only U12s are now for points and 11-a-side in ACT. I've checked Capital Football and it's still 9-a-side and no points for U11s? Is that something happening in the rest of Australia?

Eamonn said...

Fair point - it was the 10s who moved from 7 a side to 9 a side a year or so ago.

Another slippage and I'm not happy with that, in terms of developing players. Big teams, bigger pitches at a younger age. No good for skill development across the country.

Simple fact!