Friday, 15 April 2011

Boom time for Aussie players - in Australia - in 2012?

With so many young Aussies and older Aussies heading to Asia in the recent A-League break you have to start to wonder who will fill the spots next season.

Matthew Leckie, Robbie Kruse, Mustafa Amini, Luke Devere, Dino Djubic, and Alex Brosque are just some of the good great and ordinary A-League players who have left or will leave the A-League in coming days. And most of them have been established players on increasing pay packets.

So when these stars and rising stars of the A-League depart - and there are many more going or gone in 2011 - what does that mean for the players left behind and indeed the wages of those left behind?

Of course clubs will look to reduce their wage bill as clubs cost spiral but given the huge numbers of players leaving, the limit on overseas players, the Aussies left to pick up where the above mentioned players have left must be able to get an inflated wage.

Did Adriano Pellegrino get a handy pay rise heading to the Patricio Perez, Mustafa Amini depleted Central Coast Mariners?

Will the A-League youth players suddenly find $5,000 is not enough anymore as they are whisked off to another A-League club desperate to swell the ranks, the Aussie ranks.

With less and less players coming back from England and Europe, most of them are here now aren't they, it seems to me the Aussie player playing in the Youth League or VPL or NSWPL will have a better chance than ever of getting picked up and getting a better wage than they possibly could have dreamed of previously.

Great opportunities you'd think for State League and Youth League players to come into the fold.

But will they be able to improve the quality - some maybe - all, no chance.

And what of their wages - less than a Brosque and Devere perhaps but surely a wage bigger than they truly deserve right now.

The A-League clubs must spend 85% of their salary cap - but will the Aussies benefit?

Indeed with all the Aussie players leaving will the standard fall in 2012 - or are we now producing so many quality young players it won't matter?


Jm said...

maybe they can sign me? im a really talented player and once a coach from the other team said i was good and that i would probably be in the big leauge if i wasnt from canberra casue we dont have a team.

If any teams are reading this im really good and can use both feet and my head and i scored a goal two weeks ago.

i practice at least twice a week so am getting really good and i make sure when i go to mcdonlds i dont get hte big mac cause its not good for you but i do like eating the sundays cause i like the icecream and the topping

you wouldnt have to pay me much, i think about a million would be good for my first year and then up from there

Anonymous said...

Why do aleague clubs have to spend 85% of their salary cap?

Steve Neo said...

Next try