Friday, 15 April 2011

FFA: Still blundering along - Will they use Grassroots in 2011?

Socceroos v Chile the game is expected to be off.

But in a football world on the FFA seem to be able to handle PR with such aplomb.

Still on the backfoot - still making the most beautiful game one that lacks worthy news and promotion.

When was the last time an FFA announcement about the game excited you?

Cancelled Socceroos games.
Expected review of the A-League
Mooted shorter season?

We just seem to lack a whole lot of excitement. Bring back John O'Neill.

It's not what you say, but how and when you say it.

Into Asia
Hyundai Sponsorship
Socceroos to the World Cup
New teams in a new league.

Admitedly much bigger bolder events but really do we have nothing to sell in Australia in term of a vision.

Junior season kicks off in 4 weeks - lets see how the FFA leverage this in 2011.

Afterall it's all about the Grassroots isn't it - but how is Ben and co going to connect.

I'm waiting.

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