Sunday, 10 April 2011

Canberra A-League bid still on the radar? With Tassie or Wollongong?

FFA have written to Canberra A-League Bid Leader (Friday last)stating if/when Canberra can raise the $6 million start-up fund ($3.5 mill currently) and all other requirements being fulfilled the FFA are very interested in a team from the Capital.

Hmmmm maybe so - but once bitten twice shy. The FFA need to work with Canberra to ensure it happens for the good and growth of the game.

Alternatively if Canberra stumps up the money - pressure should be placed to ensure the team is accepted.

Would be better to start with a Youth team - if the FFA are serious about the growth and development of the game - and the A-League bid should seriously consider the long-term financial viability of a Canberra team in the current A-League and Canberra sporting team environment.

If AFL has to play four of it's GWS games in Canberra - surely Canberra playing four A-League games in Tassie and/or Wollongong would make the team more viable going forward.

We could get good crowds to 8 home games a year, 8 games much much easier to sell - whereas straight into 14 home games, given the size of the city, the rest of the league crowds currently - large home crowds over the first three seasons are most unlikely.

Time to look at a different strategy - one that brings in more fans in total, more dollars from more sources.

When we're stronger - then we could build our own, one city, team. And maybe Wollongong in time could similarly advance the game in their region.

We can have a team in Canberra. Union and League and now AFL can so football can to. But getting the financials right is crucial.

We can learn from every other A-League Franchise - so we are sustainable. It requires a different model from the current one - $6million and we're in.

That will end in tears and a waste of six million in my view - much the same as money has been wasted in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, Townsville, Perth, Auckland by many previous owners!

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