Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ozzie for Melbourne - surely it's time

Roy Keane, Ozzie Ardiles were great players and both are supposed to be after the Melbourne Victory job.

Surely they would cost a bomb - and surely we've learnt that Ange Postecoglou and Graham Arnold can play great football, much cheaper and they're Aussie.

So give another Aussie a go - how do they learn if they don't get a gig.

Do we really need another foreign coach - how much would that cost if it went wrong - indeed how much would the club make if it succeeded?

Remember Pierre Littbarski at Sydney FC - won the title, great crowds, sell-out grand final - club went belly up!

Lest we forget.

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victoryblog said...

In my opinion we need a quality coach from overseas to really take us forward.

Postecoglu and Arnold have proven themselves to be excellent coaches in the A-League - but neither of them are available, of course.

I don't think there is anyone else who can make the step up at this point in time, including anyone from the State leagues.

It might have been possible a few years ago but the quality of the A-League on the park is improving rapidly.

Throwing in a coach from the VPL for example could be a bit of a gamble and I don't think the Club are willing to take that risk.

They want someone with experience at a higher level than the A-League and I totally agree with them.