Monday, 4 July 2011

Australia 3 Brazil 2 - hands of god as well!

We did it!

We finally beat Brazil or at least an Equitorial Guinea side filled with FIVE Brazilians who played like the Brazil men's side of 1974.

If it moves - hack it!

And the Referee had to be one of the worst displays of reffing ever seen. The decision by the EQ Brazilian defender to hold the ball in both hands in the area for FOUR seconds has to be seen to be believed. Not even a question of a penalty!

Only Thierry Henry in a world of 7 billion people would say, there was no handball....and maybe Diego!

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Cecilia said...

How ridiculous was that handball? Perhaps having a goalkeeper where orange with a team in red helped them... but how were they even allowed to have that uniform set up in the first place?!?

I swear there was another obvious (although not as obvious as our 4 second moment) handball in the second half... although it was late bit this time and I may have been wearing rose-coloured glasses (that didn't really help differentiate the goalkeeper from the team...)