Monday, 4 July 2011

Matildas: We don't care if we win lose or daw!

Celtic fan Collette McCallum introduced the Celtic anthem to the Matildas side in 2007 and when the team plays like this Australians can finally say as the song says - we don't care if we win lose or draw.

Because the Matildas are playing the best football ever seen by a women's Australian side. Only the Brisbane Roar of last year in the A-League and Gus Hiddinks boys of 2006 can claim to match their style and swagger.

It's great great stuff.

Controlled passing, fast moving ball and feet, pushing forward, supporting players and excitement from left back to right wing - and that was with five changes to the team.

Emily Van Egmond has gone from Canberra United prospect to World Star - and she's just 17.

Collette McCallum, Heather Garriock, Sally Shipard, Kim Carroll, Leena Kharmis and Ellyse Kellond-Knight shone for me. And of course Lisa De Vanna

We poured forward, we passed so crisply, we had attacking options and outlets all over the park.

When has an Australian side delighted us so much with their style and Aussie skill!

Skill I tell yer.

We nearly blew it a few unbelievable Junior moments - remember him from the blokes World Cup in 1982 - playing like Brazil of the stereotype the team lead by Junior simply passed the ball to the Italian centre forward Paolo Caesar and the greatest team never to win the World Cup went home.

This could be Australia!

Defensive blunders again cost the team badly - almost undoing all their amazing work.

Guinea were horribly aggressive, kicking, tripping and snarling their way into the game. But it was great to see the Aussies give it back as the ref was adding to the sense of injustice with her woeful performance. Kim Carroll and Heather Garriock were just two who showed they've watched a few NRL games down the years. Nice one!

Don't miss this Matildas team - it really rocks. And they are improving all the time.

And while I'm sure we'll dominate and beat Norway I've seen enough slack defensive work to see us sent home at the group stage.

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