Monday, 4 July 2011

Emily van Egmond: Welcome to my world!

Sometimes things in football surprise and delight you.

The performances of Canberra United star Emily Van Egmond, just 17, at the World Cup are doing just that.

Anyone who watched Van Egmond for Canberra United saw a strong young player time and time again unable to vary her game from a long, long passing game to something more creative. Her engine seemed suspect too as Sally Shipard and others had to cover for Van Egmond's seemingly lack of defensive nous.

She was 17. She was only going to get better - but how long would it take and could she learn?

Well blow me down.

I've never seen a player improve so much, so soon. Her long passes are now varied, her defensive roles now clearly defined has seen her play two different roles on the World stage. Both performances were wonderful. And both against Brazil -( see earlier post)

Her touch to Heather Garriock for the first goal shows she can play deft, and her decisions to hold and play wide on many occasions shows the brain is working well when younger players would simly charge forward.

And her goal was something else. All power, all skill, fantastic raw energy.

Emily Van Egmond - welcome to my world!

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