Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Harry Kewell: The time to come home is now.

Don't get Twitter? Do yourself a favour and have some fun - check out the fantastic tweets on Our Harry from the funny Aussies.!/search/realtime/%23kewellaleaguedemands

And check out Bernie Mandic - the interview that started this whole thing on Monday - hear what Harry's agent actually said.

Why do people keep throwing money at us
- Bernie Mandic

so they keep throwing money - but you are still not happy - and when you ask for 70% of all away gates - that ain't good enough.

We don't want any financial guarantees
- just to stuff the League you are coming to promote. No room for negotiation, nice try, and nice to try and blame Kyle Patterson - piss weak actually Bernie.

So hard ball we play - and guess who looks like an idiot in his own country - reputation shattered - by his Agent.

One can only imagine Harry has had a better more interesting financial guaranteed offer from somewhere that suits.

Time to come home Harry, do the deal, for the good of your name and your family.

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