Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Perth disappointing us all - in the East

We all saw the Brisbane Roar flying around the field last year, the Mariners were not far behind and of course Melbourne and Adelaide always set a standard, often exciting.

Perth failed, failed to excite and this after being top of the boxing league after a few games.

Had a review - kept Iain Ferguson - and done the same. How much money can one club waste?

Paid over the odds for all players going West - why else have they all gone - and of course all are old, getting older.

How long will Travis Dodd stay in Perth, or jouneyman Shane Smeltz?
How many years will they get from him and Liam Miller?

How often have we seen players from overseas come here and knuckle down - most 30 year olds will give it a go - but really put in, really improve your brand.

Did Grant Brebner - no although he got to play but do we really think he has added any value - Paul Ifill - yes, in his first year only, Chris Greenacre - nothing.

Perth, under Ferguson look ready to muscle their way over a few of the younger more flamboyant teams but I can't see them making the top four.

What a shame - for a club pumping in so much money to pre-season games, buying big within Australia, bringing in names from overseas and yet what have they got to show for the:

Steve McMahons, snr and jhr
Stan Lazaridis
Robbie Fowler

and many others.

Too much money, too much money wasted and no legacy, no real use of Youth in the West.

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