Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Central Coast an example to all regions - boys and girls?

Should football associations and federations call for tenders and financially support the one or two clubs in a region who can provide the best development model.

Gets the Federation out of Rep and player development - something they have struggled to really develop over the years - consistently. Allows the Feds to set the standard before they hand over any monies - and allows clubs to really progress and develop.

Clubs seem to have the facilities, potential for facilities and who knows what they could do if they were given support to develop players rather than having them all whipped away to some nebulous Federation with little or no community/corporate spirit.

In Canberra, Belco, Canberra FC, and Woden would be the most likely to tender - could you imagine what Woden could do if they were actually working towards a plan of player development - where it could lead for our football in coming years. Building a club, a heap of support as one or two clubs powered forward beyond Canberra.

Lots of problems but we've had the current model for more years than we can remember and got nothing much to show for it. After all how much support goes to Rep teams - bar the parents of the players chosen in any one year -doesn't build much community compared to what a club could do. Food for thought!

The primary aim of the Central Coast Mariners FC Academy is to provide a clear and structured pathway towards our National Youth League and Westfield Women’s League programs. Whether or not the ‘dream’ is fulfilled, every player needs to look back fondly on life at the Academy, and feel that the experience was a positive one.

And remember these guys don't even have a W-League team!
So the old issue of we don't have an A-League team or W-League doesn't have to guide your development - or lack of.

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