Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Two things we need from Aussie U20 World Cup - star style and star players!

Looking forward to watching our much-hyped Aussie Under20s at the World Cup.

These guys are professionals and all at clubs playing football so we should expect a lot more from the players in terms of game understanding and individual performance - unless of course they have played with Fergie and Perth Glory in the last couple of years.

So a style of play somewhat more effective than the U17s -some of these guys have played under Jan Versleijen since he arrived in the country.

Also we're looking for two players who really shine on the World Stage - two who could burst into the Socceroos next week and not be embarrassed.

And of course Musti Amini and Terry Antonis are young enough to go to this comp again so should be viewed a little more gently than the rest.

Will Kerem Bulut fire?
Has Matthew Leckie got the touch to really make an impact?
Is Tommy Oar the real deal?
Marc Warren at Sheffield United? Can he take the next step to the Socceroos.

With Ecuador, Costa Rica and Spain in our group - this is not about qualifying - it's all about the star style of play and the star INDIVIDUAL.

After all we really want some Socceroo stars to watch in the future who can make a difference don't we?

And lets not forget Brent McGrath - Socceroo already, he hasn't made the trip this time - surely one to watch.

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