Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Canberra United to get overseas coach - I kid you not!

Interesting positions:

Former Coach Ray Junna thinks we shouldn't import players for Canberra United.

CEO Heather Reid has just imported a Coach into the Club

Former Coach Ray Junna said:

''That link is still important with whoever is the coach there [at Canberra United] because primarily you want to have most of your local players going to the W-League [and] not Canberra having to import players yearly because we haven't got the depth here. I think Canberra football has improved vastly in the last few years.''

Capital Football chief executive Heather Reid wouldn't be drawn on who the new coach was, but did reveal it would be the first coach recruited from overseas by a W-League club.

''It'll be exciting for the league and it'll be another first,'' Reid said.

''Canberra United will be achieving another first.''

It's rumoured the new United coach will come from Norway, Sweden or the Czech Republic.

W-League side Canberra United are apparently going to get an overseas Coach.

So there isn't an Australian women or man worthy of this role.
Pathetic, even more so in the Women's game which is all of ten games last time I looked.

Does the ten game league really need overseas talent in 2011 - when we could surely be developing our female and/or male coaches in the national league.

Aren't we moving beyond this?

And on that open process which Canberra, with its Public Service mentality seems to value soooo highly, anyone see the Ads for the job over the last few weeks/months?

I was going to apply - dammit!


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