Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fozzie on fire on the Twitter - FSNW Coaches under the pump!

Well everyone has an opinion and there is always a debate between those who've played professionally and those Coaches who haven't.

Do you need to play professionally to develop young players? I don't think so but then I didn't train professionally - I played in Canberra!!!!

But maybe our Coaches who are full-time, but haven't played professionally have lacked real guidance from the professional side of the game down the years.

Anyway enjoyed the Fozzie outbursts below on Twitter - he's well worth a follow unlike most of the rest of the world on there - have no idea if he's right or wrong.


You've had people in charge of elite talents in NSW who wouldn't know shape of ball. Now Spider, shared pitch with Kaka & Alex, 80+ caps

Craig Foster

How valuable for young keeper to come under guidance of spider with AC Milan experience. Priceless! Milan training principles, pro mentality

Craig Foster

The deadwood coaches who've been killing the game for years at FNSW are on way out, top quality former players being brought in. Bravo!!

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