Thursday, 25 August 2011

A-League stars to boost TV Deal?

With the A-League teetering along last year football was heading back to the future.

Despite the move into Asia, a successful Asia Cup campaign, the rise of the Matildas and the increasing number of Young Guns pushing into the Socceroos and starring in the A-League moving to Europe and Asia, football still lacked any sense of security or money for our A-League clubs to survive, never mind to move ahead.

The easiest way to get a heap of dough is through the next TV Deal.

And that's why Brett Emerton's signing on the back of Harry Kewell's is really interesting. The two Socceroos will increase crowds, media interest and TV audiences. No doubt about that

What TV figures would Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC bring in now?

What TV figures would a Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC Grand Final bring in?

Could they match an Origin game or AFL Grand Final - (obviously we're not on FTA) - or the Socceroos v Japan game on Fox in 2006? They might go close - even close means $$$$ and big increased $$$$.

And suddenly we can see the TV dollars start to rise and that is so crucial to a game which has 9 international teams to fund, grassroots club with shockingly poor infrastructure and funds, not to mention over a 1 million players in need of cheap football, great coaching and a few decent grounds to play on.

We've a lot to do!

The TV deal would help, massively. A-League clubs would then have increased revenue and perhaps stability.

I say perhaps because even in the UK where football earns many millions more from TV than the A-League ever will clubs are always in debt!

Still with TV money, possibly, increasing, it shouldn't be too long a bow to see Tim Cahill, Marco Bresciano and a small number of Dwight Yorke's added into the mix in the next two or three years to maintain that star power.

Because despite the standard of football last year being the best we've ever seen in a domestic Aussie league, the star player power has people talking more than any game of A-League ever did.

Maybe that's because we're not on FTA, maybe that's because people didn't even know the game had improved as they weren't watching or listening - either way now the fans return, occasionally, they may actually like and be surprised by what they see.

Then again most Aussies like EPL football - up and at em at the best of times - so why would they like the increasingly more intelligent Aussie football?

And I wonder how many Aussies would like to tune into Harry's first game?

Of course they aren't on Fox - so another opportunity missed?

Long-term, the World Game taketh our stars away and now, maybe, the World giveth back!


Anonymous said...

Will it boost the next TV deal? Yes

Will the HAL rate anywhere remotely close to SOO or the AFL GF? No chance at all, even on FTA

Ivo said...

Only 97,000 people bothered to tune in to watch the Socceroos play Thailand. Less than 25,000 in the stands and less than 100K on TV is pretty bad. Where have all the Socceroos fans gone??