Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nearpost Poddie: Quiz Questions: How many Roar players in the Socceroos Squad Rebecca Wilson?

Nick Cumpston, Nick Amies and Paddy Bordier talk Soccer whoo hoo Roos.

And why we despise the silly Rebecca Wilson and of course Aussie Football, Harry, Socceroos, Harry's impact, Harry's position, Harry's groin, Harry's wife, Harry's house, Harry's kid, Harry's greatest goal, Harry's worst game, yes it's Harrytime plus Brett - did we forget Brett!

And answer to the quiz question: How many Roar players or former Roar players in the Socceroos squad - it's right in the poddie just three minutes in so go for it!

We've got Aussie football covered. All the news. Socceroos and A-League, yes we have a league and all the footy news and talk. How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

or play right from your computer....

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zviadller said...

hi Eamonn

Since you are obviously know your football :), I would love to get your take on this "hall of fame 2.0" project.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

We are also looking for sports blogs to collaborate with. So if you are interested, let's talk.

If you feel like it I would love to know who is favorite for "The greatest athlete ever"?