Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Lustica syndrome alive and well in Australia?

The A-League is back - the Young Socceroos have played their World Cup - so how many of our young guns are flying around the league on the opening day of the season? Or come to that the next group of Young Socceroos?

Steven Lustica - hard to believe a Young Socceroo couldn't get TWO full games with the Gold Coast over the last two seasons, walks into a four year deal with Hadjuk, has played a number of crucial games in the centre mid position already. 35,000 v Dinamo Zagreb - Lustica marshalling the midfield. So why didn't he get a go in Australia?

Were Robson or Bas Van Den Brink, so much better than a developing Young Aussie?
How does a Young Aussie develop? Go overseas?

Have to wonder if the Young Aussies will be given a go in Australia this season or will we continue to import Euro/South American trash instead.

Euro trash might be a harsh term - but how is it Dutch players can pour into our leagues, Brazilians as well. Are these guys soooo desperate to play in Australia they forego contracts in Europe. GIVE ME A BREAK.

And they are taking our young guns places. And as the recent Socceroos team shows players who play in the A-League are good enough - they just need to play.

Think Matt Mackay, Alex Brosque, David Carney, Sasa Ognenoski, Mile Jedinak, Robbie Kruse, Michael Zullo - all Socceroos who played many many games in the A-League.

Terry Antonis got a start last week, Bernie Ibini not much, Kofi Danning got a gig on the opening day at Brisbane - not seen at Sydney last year. Musti is injured and Demi Petratos not sighted.

And these are the "stars." Where are the other young guns, or can the league only use a couple of Young Socceroos each year at best. Who will give them a go?

No-one it seems - not if we can keep bringing in older, washed up European players (Dutch) with masses of experience. But is the league so much better for not having young Aussies on the park?

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