Thursday, 13 October 2011

Socceroos need a midfielder - Holger's eyes light up

Love Mile Jedinak and all he's achieved but to take the Socceroos to the next level we need a better, more skilled midfielder.

Neil Kilkenny is not it.

Carl Valeri has done a fantastic job for Australia over the last couple of years, like Vinny Grella and Jason Culina at their peak in 2006, his contribution has perhaps gone undervalued.

But who can step up and push Jedinak aside?

Eric Partaluu is surely one in the mix. Although many poo poo the A-League, not me, Matt Mckay stormed the international scene, so why not Eric who has played outstandingly in a key role in Australia's best ever team.

We wait for Terry Antonis, or Steven Lustica currently starting for Hadjuk Split but surely under increasing pressure from Croatia.

But Holger, of course, has the answer. Did you see his eyes light up when he talked about Adam Sarota - the less than significant Brisbane Roar player. He got around 9 games before heading to Holland.

He could be the one, but note James Holland is also set to start his first game in the EreDivisie.

A lot of quality coming....perhaps in two years.

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