Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Socceroos waltz on - fewer English based players in the team - is that why we're better?

Do you remember when we used to make hard work of Oman?

With Harry Kewell, Brett Emerton, Tim Cahill, Vinny Grella all English based in the line-up.

Three times we played them in the last four years - three times we struggled - really struggled.

This time with a bunch of so-called lesser names, younger boys, we waltz it. Pass, control, pass and move and the Omanis didn't get a shot - or maybe one which tested Adam Federici in goals.

We were brilliant. In terms of international football we truly were. Yes we were slow at times, but we had the ball and proceeded to work the Omanis into the ground and ease to a 3-0 win.

Brett Holman, isn't he brilliant, Matt McKay, Josh Kennedy and Luke Wilkshire - not quite as eminent as the boys above who played in the EPL but really this groups results against Oman is even more impressive.

Is it the young guns factor? Is it the fact that our new boys are mostly playing outside of England, therefore bringing more tactical and technical nous to their game and the team.

Interestingly Rhys Williams one of our up and coming English players lacks a lack of technique at time, particularly at full back going forward.

The more players not playing in England the better prepared for international football they are. Now there's a thought!

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Andy said...

Could not agree more.

Living in the UK, I get to see all the home nations international fixtures live on TV, and it is quite obvious that the british players don't have the technical ability of their european opponents. It's all a symptom of the style of football played domestically. It's all blood and thunder with little time allowed on the ball to actually play football.

British players rarely play anywhere other than the UK throughout their careers and don't get any sort of education in the game outwith the local game. Australia is blessed in that we have players plying their trade all over the world.