Monday, 28 November 2011

Best we've ever played? Says who?

Melbourne Victory's first half performance was the best they've ever played this season according to Coach Mehmet Durakovic.


I know the standard has been poor this season but best they've ever played takes the biscuit.

A flukey penalty gave them a 1-0 lead after 40 seconds and then after the usual huff and bluff died down at Aami Stadium the Gold Coast started to turn the screw.

So much better were the Victory - Gold Coast through Jonas Salley and some comical defending hit the post. Victory went down and somehow got the second softest decision your likely to see in the A-League. Two penalties - 2-0 and not a chance created.

The shocking Victory defence; Fabio still unable to defend, and Roddy Vargas aiming to make a big impact in his, surely, final season were giving the Gold Coast opportunities galore. And then Vargas makes a game of it by diving in to a stupid tackle around half-way.

The Victory gave away a terrible penalty from a defenders viewpoint, before Fabio contrived to allow the Gold Coast in for 2-2.

Billy Celeski finally looking aggressive and back to his best, fed Carlos and Archie on the break and somehow a win was contrived.

Victory's defence is a shambles, surely Matty Kemp above Fabio. Fabio is there for the taking every week and with Adrian Leijer and Roddy Vargas clearly exposed now Kevin Muscat has gone - the Victory will be lucky to get above the pack at this rate.

Shades of Ernie.

Despite all the hullaballo from the new signings it was Billy, Carlos and Archie who hit em on the break. Fast.

This was Victory's best weapon under Ernie. How long can it continue?

With the A-League improving even the Central Coast could predict Archie's long ball chases these days.

Victory might have played a little better - but it was still dire.

Mehmet: you're dreaming!

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