Friday, 25 November 2011

Tim Cahill - giving back to Aussie grassroots.....really?

Tim, let's call a spade a spade mate!

Seems having seen this stuff promoted across Australia on every media set going I'd thought I'd ask the question.

Is this Tim Cahill program really giving back to grassroots football?

Now we all know Tim is a great bloke, has great compassion for Australia causes and has been a great role model for many both on the sporting and family field, and far be it for me to criticise Tim, but does anyone else feel the, "I really want to give back to the grassroots" line is a great big Scouse mickey-take.

Each kid gets 2 or 3 days of football at the Tim Cahill clinics for $200 per kid.

Yes, $200 per kid and in January not a Tim - I'm too busy giving back to grassroots - Cahill in sight.

If 100 kids (could it be 200 in Sydney?) particpate makes a cool $20,000 per clinic and with VOLUNTEER coaches advertised on the website - what costs for Timmaaaayyy!

Across the country 4 kids (boys?) will be plucked to travel all expenses paid to Everton although it's not easily sighted on the website.

Though I guess these will be the best kids - interesting motivation one suspects.

And those that miss out will....miss out.

Tim won't be there at the Clinics, he'll be playing for Everton - but should we really expect to pay $200 for 3 days to see Tim - or not see Tim?

The most expensive football clinics to come to Canberra?

Sure what kid wouldn't be up for a trip to Everton. Nice one. But doesn't sound like Tim is giving much back to me - in fact $200 for a 2 or 3 days of football when packaged in "I'm giving back to Australian kids" leaves me a little empty.

Come on Tim, it's a business decision and fair play to you.
You might have sucked Ray Gatt and the rest of the Aussie media in but not me.

I expect the cost of a trip to cost ....well maybe a flight if your club or Emirates and co don't one kid $2,000 maximum costs each maybe...and of course at a minimum of $20,000 per clinic......

We see a lot of clinics come to town, few as expensive as Tim's - and yet he's giving back?

For $150 the kids team I'm involved with get 16 games in-season, two trainings per week, plus two football one day/one week carnivals, plus 8 weeks x 2 sessions pre-season - plus 8 sessions over 8 Summer weeks - and absolutely no chance of visiting Everton!

Talk about someone giving back to grassroots - oh and the money doesn't go to me it goes to my local football organisation/club.

Funny I know a million men and women like me.

Who is giving back?

Great website, great player, but really doing all this for Aussie kids - the numbers don't add up do they?

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