Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bruno: Has Brett Emerton saved Vitaslavs job?

If you've watched Sydney FC in the last two seasons under Vitaslav - it has been boring. I love football - but it was dire!

So boring the fans deserted in droves, even after they clung on to win the Premiership in 2009/10.

Is this year Lavicka's last chance?

I still get the twitches when I think Sydney are playing. Do I really want to watch this mob? And with Terry Antonis away I was scared to waste my time. Would they entertain me without Terry - even despite the promising signs in the recent games.

I'm still cautious like the whole of Sydney - we just can't take more pain!

But I turned on; it was Emmo, Nicky and Karol that was teasing me in. I know they can play.

Sydney's crowds are up almost 14,000 average compared to 7,000 last year. No mean feat.

Even without the excitement machine Terry Antonis for the clash against the Gold Coast - Sydney FC despite perhaps cruelly being 2-0 down found something, grabbed a lot of luck and won 3-2.

Last year they could never come back - ever, or so it seemed. They lacked, fitness, cohesion, craft and pace.
Even despite Michael Beauchamp trying to emulate last years Centre Back performances Sydney continue to interest me.

Much much more mobile, a whole new midfield and it can't be too long before Sydney FC go one better than Terry McFlynn as midfield distributor -maybe next year. How did young Aussie Stuey Musalik threw away his career?

And in Mark Bridge, Stuey's mate, they have a player who hasn't scored for years and yet still heads the attack. No problem if the team were winning easily but they aren't.

Vitaslev didn't sign a striker - he signed Karol Kisel a right sided midfielder and then in Brett Emerton was offered another, right sided midfielder and of course he hard to take him!

A striker - Bruno Cazarine - scores as many as most so why not?

But Vitaslav never did get a striker - and looked just three or four weeks out to be working hard to produce another mind-numbing attacking display.

He landed Emerton; Antonis grows in stature. Tricky Nicky is so much better with Emmo in the team, as is Karol Kisel.

But Sydney now have ability, finally to comeback from being a goal down. Brett Emerton is no small player in this component of the new Sydney FC - imagine if they had a real striker.

In Bruno the Brazilian they have a goalscorer. Does Vitaslav know?

If Sydney could stop conceding the first goal - play Cazarine, drop Reddy and in time replace Beauchamp (a liability always) and move on from McFlynn next year they could have a team to die for.

For now a top three finish is highly possible - especially if Antonis returns to link with Emmo!

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