Sunday, 6 November 2011

Coaching Melbourne style: Mehmet and Kev - Archie is a goalscorer so play him down the middle! Get it?

Hand up all those who know Archie Thompson is a proven top goalscorer in the A-League? Good that's 21 million or so Aussie's with their hands up; but there are a couple of Aussie hands not up...

Okay and hands up who didn't know - don't be shy Mehmet and Kev. We see your hands and it's okay because you are newbies to the job.

So finally Melbourne Victory played Archie DOWN THE MIDDLE and one of the best scorers in the league - scores one v Phoenix, gets a Penalty and has a great goal disallowed. And for good measure Victory keep him in the same spot and he scores two v Brisbane.

Football is such a hard game - bet Mehmet and Kevin are telling themselves how clever they are that they finally produced a team that can score goals.

If you play Archie on the left for the first few games - guess what your team doesn't score - or rarely have a chance. Guus did this and took him off at half-time v Uruguay...remember. Didn't you guys watch that game?

Wake up Australia.

And why did you buy former Brisbane Roar top scorer and championship winning Jean Carlos Solarzano - if you are never going to play him.

Looks like you've sorted Harry's position for a while - could you let him play now?

And none of this Brisbane Roar passy passy stuff - it looked awkward in the first 30...seconds, by 1 minute it was horrible and your game plan was stuffed. Defender caught in possession - did you even practice this stuff?

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