Friday, 4 November 2011

Sydney FC on Sunday. Football at it's best - watch and learn with Terry Antonis

Sydney FC are playing decent football - hooray.

Strong defence - a key to their Championship win under Lavicka - and now a feature in Season 7. Jamie Coyne...who would have thought. Liam Reddy - surely he won't survive on the form of last season.

But wait - we love attacking football and Sydney have oodles of it just now. Nicky Carle scoring - that means he's much further forward these days, Brett Emerton starting to motor, And Terry Antonis.

When did you last see an 18 year old in Australia with such touch such skill such a complete game, such an attacking instinct.

I'd walk a million miles to watch Terry Antonis this year. Fantastic football at Sydney this season.

And they still have livewire Demi Petratos off the bench.

Mark Bridge or Bruno Cazarine - under this team I'd take Bruno. Lavicka seems to prefer Bridge for now!

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Hamish Alcorn said...

Thanks for this review!

The only Sydney game I've seen this year is the one against the Roar, and they did challenge us, and show that they were developing something.

Forgive me for not noticing Terry Antonis. I'll look out for him, and I'll try to catch an extra Sydney game or two as well.