Friday, 4 November 2011

Five things to look forward to in the A-League this weekend

There are only five....I know there are heaps more these days but most blog readers have the attention span of a gnat.

1. Friday night football - Adelaide United at home, I love it and United and Heart always play or try to play good football. Both our Dutch Coaches under the pump, with Versleijan gone and taking a pop at our Craig Foster this week - Dutch are cellar dwellars just now.

And Andy Slory - is there no better Aussie than this Dutch wannabee?

2. Mustafa Amini and Bernie Ibini might team up together for the Mariners - can't wait for that. Should make watching Wellington a tad more interesting this week.

3. Then on Saturday we go crazy. Melbourne v Roar, Harry v Ange and co. Big crowd, great game and pressures on Mehmet....again. Will the ageing Victory look like a team, or will they be severely embarrassed by a youthful rampaging coached Roar.

Brebner and Broxham to start...I'll weep I really will.

4. Can't wait to watch Sydney FC at home. A better test than the Roar and I'll think they'll win. Brett Emerton, Nicky Carle and Terry Antonis. Who can stop this midfield?

Hope Antonis plays number 10 so I can watch and drool at an Aussie on the ball.

5. And the Glory v Jets has enough to spark interest. Franny Jeffers to return and the Glory under Liam Miller look like a team for the first time in seven years. Well done Fergie. Limited style of play, but a team nonetheless.

6. Oh and if Liam Reddy is in the team - what's that all about! Type rest of the post here

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